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    Hi All,

    I started a new full time job 2 months ago and was told as I’m a single parent I’d be able to claim back 85 % of my childcare costs from UC. I’ve been submitting a record of the costs to my online UC journal every week and have provided proof from the nursery to UC but haven’t received a single penny from them in over 8 weeks. I’ll been calling and messaging UC but keep being told someone will be in touch or call back but they never do.  I’m just looking for some advice, has anyone else had trouble getting UC childcare payments? Thanks 🙂

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    Hi Amzla

    Sorry to hear your having issues with UC. I like yourself am on UC for my childcare and rely heavily on the extra money. As long as you are submitting your details and information within the time frame that they give you, I don’t really understand. I know sometimes there can be a delay in getting the 1st payment. I would try and call them again and ask to stay on the line while they have alook at your account (as I know that they take back to back calls, so I tend to ask to stay on the line while they look at it) it can be a ball ache and awhile on the phone but it will get there.

    hope that helps abit.


    Lou x


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    Hi Both,

    Yeah the nursery is Ofsted registered but it turned out the nursery put an incorrect date on their letter confirming my payments. I’ve since given UC a letter with the correct date and originally they said I’d be ok but now they’ve said I won’t get a penny back for my son’s two months of childcare.

    I’ve already paid two months upfront and can’t afford another month upfront in the hope that UC may/may not pay me back next month so will probably have to leave my job.

    It’s so annoying I work full time and feel like I’m doing my best to make it work but UC are just determined to make it difficult. I’ve found a job I love but now I can’t afford to do it because UC aren’t paying 85% of my childcare and it seems as though I’m just working to pay childcare and and am getting into more debt because I’m working.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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