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    I’m recently single after it coming to light that my husband  was abusing drug’s, i tried for a while to make it work and get him sorted but failed.   All was okay in the beginning but as soon as I told him he couldn’t return and it was over for good it turned nasty, his family and my “friend” told lies and put ideas in his head, he isn’t  allowed my daughter overnight only days but if he gets annoyed with me he doesnt show up, show up late or threatens not to have her unless i provide food and money. He says terrible  things and i get very anxious about him turning to drugs or still being under  infinfluce and certain members of his family being involved with her he says he respects those decisions but he get so angry I cant trust him. I am struggling with being   alone in the evening etc most of my friends have partners and im am still  getting my head around the fact my marriage of 11 yrs was based on lies. It hurts. I dont know what to do anymore. Virtually every time I talk to him there’s done abuse or mucks me about with  arranging  our daughters things. I’ve started to say to her I’m not sure why daddy is not  here maybe ask him because he doesn’t tell her. Every week he has her she’s overly spoilt and I’m struggling with this. I have asked the expensive gifts to stop but It seems he wants to get to me through her. I’m concerned I don’t know what to do. I feel sad a friendship is over it feels i have had alot of loss to deal with and try trying  to juggle work, illness and my daughter.

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    I have nothing to add but say I’m going through similar with regards to dealing with the relationship breakdown despite all my efforts to keep us together and try to help him get drug treatment. Whilst it’s very early days for me, he is extremely angry with me for ending it and now restricting his access to our child until he gets help.

    i think they anger they direct at us is a result of their drug taking and maybe even embarrassment?

    I hope someone on here is able to give you good advice as I’m sure it will help me too.

    I’ve been advised that as a safeguarding risk he should not have unsupervised access to our child. I am pushing for mediation but I see it ended in court as I don’t want him anywhere near our child till he is committed to treatment and recovery.

    Sorry I couldn’t give any answers or be much help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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