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    Kamila P.

    I am new here but I hope someone can help me. My landlord is trying to evict me and served me a 4 weeks notice today. I have explained to my landlord that I have financial difficulty at the moment as I have lost my job due to Covid and it hard for me to get the new one with 2 kids one 4 years old and another 2 years old. I even had to take my kids off child care as I can no longer afford it. I have been paying rent as much as I can afford but they still want to evict me. I have no family or friends that I can rely on even my kid’s father can not help. Please if someone can give me some advice I will very much appreciate it. Thank you

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    You can contact your local council and tell them your at risk of being made homeless. They should be able to help you.

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    You sound like the right candidate for social housing support. If you contact your local homelessness team, they’d class your situation as pretty in need from what you’ve said. I appreciate we don’t all dream of this outcome but it may eventually lead to some home security, unlike in the private sector.

    Private rental is so insecure and anxiety enducing for so many of us, particularly in light of the Covid fallout.

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    Kamila P.

    Thank you for all the information.

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    Hi Kamila

    Are you in England?

    This is my understanding:

    Evictions in England cannot currently take place without serving a Section 21 or 8 with a 6 month notice period.

    The only exceptions to this are if you are causing extreme Anti Social behaviour, or if your Landlord needs to move back into the property as their main residence, but this would need to be given as the reason for the eviction.

    Definitely question the legality of a 4 week notice period, and in the meantime Citizens Advice Bureau would be able to help you, for free, and you can also have time to hopefully find social housing.

    I work in the housing field, but this is just my opinion. I hope it guides you in a positive direction.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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