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    I’m 20 weeks pregnant and my partner is making me choose him or the baby I’m booked in for an abortion next week I feel like I can’t face life without him I’m only getting rid because he’s Gonna leave me if I don’t

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    Hi Ness202

    I’m sorry you are experiencing this.  Please see the following:

    • British Pregnancy Advisory Service advises on the options and choices to make. Their number is:  03457304030

    Hopefully they will be able to give you some support at this time.

    Kind regards, Justine

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    Oh Ness, that’s really shit, I’m so sorry you’ve been given that ultimatum.
    I was also given that ultimatum…and I’m here, on a single parents forum…so I think it’s fairly obvious the route I took. It’s really not been easy but I made the right decision for me.
    Although continuing with the pregnancy has been MY right decision, it’s not the right decision for everyone but PLEASE think long and hard about what is right for you as an individual.
    I knew that if I’d terminated at his request then we wouldn’t stay together long because I’d resent him for putting me through that and I’m of an age (with family history of early menopause and personal medical history issues which make it difficult to conceive) where I might not become pregnant again. I couldn’t be sure that any future argument or fight we had that I wouldn’t turn to “I terminated a pregnancy for you”. Or if we stayed together and decided to start a family in years to come but couldn’t, I’d hate him for it. So at that point our relationship already had a shelf life, so I needed to be selfish about how I wanted to deal with the pregnancy.
    My baby is now 5 months old and it has honestly been the hardest most exhausting year of my life and I’ve sacrificed so much but it was still the right thing to do for me.

    good luck and I highly recommend calling BPAS, they get phone calls from women unsure of how to proceed every single day. They’re trained to counsel you! Sending lots of love.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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