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    <strong style=”box-sizing: inherit; color: #1a1919; font-family: Lato, sans-serif; background-color: #fbfbfb;”>7 months pregnant n me and my ex split in january after he asssulted me whilst drunk. he called me b4 valentimes day for the first time since the asssult which was about 6 weeks before. he said he was sorry n we tried to sort it. in that time apart he bumped into his childhood sweetheart. theyd been friends since kids and dated for a year or two in early 20s. circumstances caused them to split. this was 11 years ago. when we were talking again he told me he was gona go for coffee with her. this upset me n i left his house. we didnt talk really and 2 weeks later after a doctors appointnent he told me he wasnt in love with me n wanted to mke things work with his ex. how could things change in 2 weeks so drastically. i got upset n he ssid im bitter and cant be happy for him when all i wanted to know is how he could move on so fast. they are from the same culture n his mum n his ex hve kept in contact all this time behind his bk and his mum has been pushing him to gt bk with her too. noone has thought how hard this wld b for me to be pregnant and him be getting bk into a relationship already. why would the woman want to be with domeone who has a kid on the way so soon. how can he change his mind n fall out of love in two weeks. was it my fault for walking out that time. he said he did nothing wrong. am i bitter for being upset

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