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    hi, I’m not separated yet but I’m very close to leaving my husband. I’m currently pregnant with my 4th child and I wake crying each day thinking I’d be better if on my own with the children. I’m not happy and I’ve been a single parent with my eldest 2 before so I know it’s hard, I was 10 years younger then so I feel like I’d be able to cope a little better. I just don’t know what to do or where to start, no’one knows apart from one very close friend what’s going on. I’m miles away from any friends, family and I’m completely isolated from everything. I have 5 phone numbers on my phone, I’ve lost contact with my friends since being with my husband, we are miserable and his needs are first not mine and I’ve had enough. How do I do about leaving, do I stay and save then leave. Or do I find temporary housing and go from there, I’m due in October and this mess was going on well before I fell pregnant. Maybe we thought we could brush things under the carpet. But nope it’s all there, me miserable can’t function, can’t eat, hate being near him. Any advice, I’m so alone.

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