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    This is all very new to me. I’m 24 and 31 weeks pregnant, my partner of 6 years broke up with me last week (said he just didn’t feel the same anymore). Had to move 30 miles away to my parents house while he stays in our owned house (which I currently still paying for). Just so unexpected, he never voiced he didn’t love me. The morning we broke up he was telling me how much he loved me and was looking forward to having his perfect girls with him (my baby and me). Just really not coping, so hard being back at parents house knowing I have to bring up a new born baby with my parents. Even though it was entering an unknown when we were together it feels worse now as I don’t know how much he’s going to see her etc. Anyone been through this? How did you cope in the first few weeks of the seperation? Just someone to talk to would be nice as I lost my friends when I moved in with him 😞

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    Em, that’s awful. Thank goodness your parents are supportive.

    Yes, I’ve been there. I think I just went numb, onto auto-pilot, work, mid-wife, sorting the practicalities until the reality had sunk in.

    Eventually I stopped feeling devastated and started feeling angry (absolutely seething furious).  Then things started to get better because being angry made me to realise that I didn’t need him. that he wasn’t important and I was perfectly capable of sorting things without him. As you will be.

    It took a while. Then the anger turned to indifference. Now I just think he was a spineless knob.

    You have a new baby to look forward to. Try to think about her. Maybe try to reconnect with your friends if you can face it. Have any of them become mums since you left? And be kind to yourself. Don’t expect too much. xx


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