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    Hi everyone

    My ex just left me last week for an other girl in an other country while im 36 weeks pregnant. He didnt tell me I founs out . He always knows how to manipulate me and I always been there for him. We have 2 year old daughter together too and im expecting his son now.

    I feel really really down and think I wont be able to cope with a newborn and a toddler at the same time.

    Hurts me so much that he just left had his summer romance and wants to come back and pretending nothing has had happened .He is flying back tomorrow and he said he wants to talk but Im not ready to see him becauae I have still got feelings but I know I dont deserve this and I need to move on.

    He also been abusive previously. He has drinking problems too and always calling me names.

    So deffinetely dont want this life for me and my children. But I feel lost without him. I dont have lots of friend or family here. Only have got his sister here but she is very supportive. Not sure what to do who to talk to, but Im heartbroken and I feel I need help. Sorry for the long message and Thank you

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    Hi, I’m not surprised your feeling low. What he did is heartless. Only you know if you can forgive him or not. I raised my youngest daughter   on my own from I was pregnant. It is tough but I don’t know if it’s necessarily tougher. Some of my friends partners seem to be more of a hinderance than help. If you’ve little family support then that makes it harder. Can you move closer to them? If not maybe join some mums/toddler groups once you have this little one. Makes some friends and build a little network. I hope things work out for you.

    Sarah x

    Ps I am again single and pregnant. The babies daddy left me this week. I may have poor choice in a partner, but I know I will be fine on my own. Whatever happens, I can work it out.

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    Thank you Sarah 🙂

    No I cant forgive him as I saw messages where he says he loves the girl and willing to give up everything for her. If I forgve him Ill be an idiot.

    He only used me when he is out of money and have nowhere to stay.

    I will try and do this alone, its just hurts right now and I feel anxious but I know in time will be better. Not sure if i need help from healthcare professionals because the last two days I feel shaky and wanna smoke a cigarette again to calm me down. But I stopped smoking when I found out I was pregnant.

    No my family lives in an other country so its just my sister in law I have got .

    Deffo need to make more friends .

    Im sorry about you too and good luck with your pregnancy

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    Hi Monika,

    it is very hard of course. There are people here who willing to help.

    I wish I could too but I am on the other side of the story 🙂

    I moved to another country to Hungary because of my wife, and after our son was born and I gave up everything for her in England to move to another country she left us 3 months ago, and run away with her work mate.

    Now I am coming back to England, with no job, no savings and all the scares of the world how am I going to take care of my son.

    It will be hard and for the first time of my life I will need help from anybody I can get from, such as Government and people who knows what it is like to be alone and having a single parent hardship.

    I already found some nice people here, so I guess there will some help of some sort which will take us through the first months of challenges until I can stabilise our situation.

    I am of course afraid of how I will make sure that my son will not suffer of this, and I fear the worst that I will not be able to feed him or put a roof above our head but at least here in my home and my country England we will have rights. I also believe that the system will help us.

    I grew up in England seeing that people with no needs are getting a lot almost everything from the system SO I AM WILLING TO BELIEVE THAT SOMEBODY LIKE US WITH A REAL NEED WE WILL GET HELP.

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    I joined baby and mum group when my daughter was born.  They are usually free and will start up again in September as they r run by volunteers.  From that group I made friends with a few people and hsve got a lovely nanny who helps outs now and again. Look on website mums net etc.. they are run from church hall. The kids play with toys and mums have natter with a hot drink and biscuit. It’s not for everyone as no one spoke to me for the first month only the volunteers.  It’s only an hour but you can go to different ones until you find one that suits you.

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    i believe that sometimes is better to be alone than in a wrong relationship. People get attached too much to someone who do not deserve it. I don’t think that children should suffer, but they feel better when mom is happy.

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    same situation, single mum of a little boy of 3 months. I think we’ve got the most beautiful thing in life having our children even if it’s very hard being alone, anyway we all sort it out. Happy to have a chat or meet 😉



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