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    Hey, im south west, 6months pregnant with a little boy, boyfriend upped and left 5weeks ago.

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    Are any of you ladies in Surrey? Very similar situation as well, god these men are just awful aren’t they!!


    Max x

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    I left my partner when i was 7months pregnant, due to abuse i was very said and teary during those last pregnancy days, and i also don’t have family here.. had good friends support system though.. had to get a new apartment and prepare for the baby all on my own.. my baby girl is nearly 6months old now and things are looking up.. it gets worse before it gets better.. it ll definitely get better

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    I completely understand and sympathise with you regarding not knowing the father well and the history of abusive relationships. It’s hard to keep positive during the hormonal changes of pregnancy when you feel like you contributed to the problem … but honestly I commend the effort you put into raising your child and the honesty you have shown in your current pregnancy!


    Always here for a private message if any of you are feeling alone !

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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