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    Hi, i have just joined this group as i have recently become single. My baby is due in 3 months and i am not going to be able to afford to carry on renting on my maternity pay. I will have to temporaily move back in with my parents until i can find somewhere.

    I sold a house last year with my ex and have a sum of money in another account, which is my parents  as they lent this to me. there has been no rush to  transfer this back as they said there was no hurry. My issue is this is not my money and i know this will affect any help that i need.

    Any advice on what i can do as i just feel so alone and lost?



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    Hi Sophie,

    I recently had my baby – she’s now 1 month old.. when I was 7 months pregnant my partner decided to leave the house (told me two days before that he was leaving). He was pressuring me to go through mediation at 8 months pregnant which I went through — I was so sure he was going to come back to us so i went along with it and practically gave in to everything he wanted. The mediator realised that i was under undue influence and called it off until after the birth. I recently found out that he cheated on me whilst i was pregnant — this made me (finally) realised that we are NEVER getting back together and it made me fight for everything. I am now trying my best to get free legal advice and all the help I can. Just be strong and hang in there until the baby is born, don’t make any drastic decisions at the moment. I felt so alone and lost as well but I spoke to as many people as I can, i forced myself to speak out — about how I felt. People will help you, don’t be afraid to ask!

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    Hi Sophie,

    As soon as I told my partner I was pregnant he left me, luckily I had my own house, but soon as my baby was born I got in touch with the child tax credit people and the CSA, and I received the money I was entitled too. I was working full time prior to my baby’s birth. The father was very reluctant to give me financial help but the CSA are very helpful and now it’s all been sorted out and I receive payments from both every month.

    My partner was seeing someone whilst living with me and they had a baby 3 months after my baby was born, and they got married on the day I bought my baby home from hospital, it was very tough but I came through it, as will you.

    Hang in there and everything will be sorted, enjoy your baby. Xx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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