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    Hello all


    I am pregnant, which came totally out of the blue after being told I couldn’t have children. The father doesn’t want to know. I am overjoyed and see it as a blessing but I am worrying and my anxiety is through the roof about where I am going to live. I currently live with two friends, in a house share. Me telling them I am pregnant went down like a lead balloon and they asked me to move out by 15th September and they’ve given notice to the landlord as they want to move to a smaller house together. I work full time but would struggle to pay to rent alone and I have completed a local housing form which enables you to bid for affordable housing but none of the properties are in my local town. My parents live locally to me but won’t have me home. It is making me feel terribly unsettled and like I don’t know where to turn.   Any info or suggestions would be greatly received, thanks x

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    Thank you for that information Anonymous, very helpful.


    You raise a lot of points that I hadn’t even thought of and I think sorting out housing will be even more complicated than I first thought.


    Two of of us were joint named tenants,  and the third girl was not on the tenancy at all. She had an agreement where she paid the landlord a separate amount to have the third bedroom.

    I know that if I asked, they would provide me with a letter saying that they forced me to leave but I think it’s going to appear to the council that I’ve made myself homeless.


    Its all very daunting!!


    Like you say, I think I will need to look to live somewhere in the meantime privately.

    Thank you for your help x









Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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