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    Hi Guys,

    I felt like I needed to reach out to you all as I am going through one of the hardest situations of my life.

    My partner and I decided to try for a baby and I came off the pill. 2 months later he asked me to go back on the pill as he was worried about his finances after he injured himself and couldn’t work for a few months. However, by this time it was too late, I was pregnant. Everything was fine until our first scan, he was even talking about baby names telling friends and family and couldn’t stop smiling about it.

    I knew something else was going on in his head after the scan as he started to behave very differently. He was going out a lot, coming back late and then sleeping on our sofa, spending more time at his ex’s house that he has a 4 year old with rather than coming to our house etc.

    After talking with his ex everything has clicked and he has been completely dishonest with me and her, even to the point where she didn’t even know we were together for all this time and that we lived together. He has turned out to be a complete narcissist.

    I am now on my own receiving abuse from him on a daily basis to get an abortion and living on my own but I will do everything in my power to have a healthy pregnancy and look forward to the best adventure of my life.

    Some friends have been horrendous and told me to have a termination and that I am being selfish knowing my babies father doesn’t want it etc and then I have other friends that have told me it is me and my baby and I will have the best support possible.

    I know none of this is going to be an easy ride but any help or advise would be amazing as I don’t want to be scared and anxious anymore.

    Thank you ladies,


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    Nothing worth having is easy! You have been treated badly. Now look forward to your bump growing and a beautiful precious baby. I can tell from what you say that you will be a good and caring mummy. All the people on this site have struggles. I know that the smiles my little one gives me melts all problems away. Look forwards, stay away from negative people and be you x

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    Thank you so much for that…..yeah I just need to put any negative people behind me and carry on looking forward to a healthy pregnancy and actually start enjoying it!


    I hope I can give my baby the world so taking each day as it comes for sure.



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    You’re about to bring a new life into the world, lass.  A new life!  WOW!

    There is nothing more important, more amazing, or more downright real than that.

    You lucky, lucky girl!

    Be happy.  Be really, really happy 🙂


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    Cypher you are amazing that just put that biggest smile on my face, my mum is now aware of everything as she was away on her bday so with her support and words and love I cannot wait now, already making it more positive…I just cant wit for all ties to be cut with my ex in regards to all the problems he left me with as well.



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