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    Hi I am 18 and I am 3 months pregnant. My boyfriend and I are split up he says he wants to be there and stuff but he isnt really and one minute hes happy about the baby one minute he’s not. Furthermore, my family are all against me they’re disowning me and i don’t know what to do. Everyone is telling me to abort the baby but I can’t I’ve heard the heartbeat and seen it develop. I’ve had such a painfull and stressful pregnancy so far and I’ve already fallen inlove and attached I don’t know what to do. I know having a baby is never easy and nobody is ever ready.

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    I was 26 when I fell pregnant. I was so scared and the baby’s dad wasn’t there. I mean it hunny, with age it’s still as scary and that’s ok. I’m still struggling now and he’s 4 months but every time I look at him and hear him laugh my heart bursts with pride. I was so close to getting an abortion I was that scared but couldn’t go through with it. If you want we can swap emails or numbers, we can chat and I can be an ear when you need it. This is your life and your choice, you do what’s right for you. If your family don’t get involved they will be missing out. You look after you and wee baby ok x

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    Agree, it’s your life and your decision.

    It will help to take a calm look at your circumstances. Where will you live? Will you continue to study? Do you have a job? Have you thought about benefits or what you can reasonably expect?

    When you start to get some plans in place, things will become less scary. If you stay calm, you can manage this on your own. I’m sure you know it won’t be easy but others manage.

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    Hi inayah I couldn’t not reply I was 16 when o got pregnant with my first and 17 when I had him…I did have alot of support both from my family and the dad but the dads family were completely against it and said they didnt want to know…that changed the second they laid eyes on him.they adore him he is the apple of their eye


    Hes 16 next month and it’s like a distant memory now but I do remember that protective feeling your having now…people thought I’d messed up my life but I now have a masters an amazing job my son has been to 26 countries and 4 continents with me and he is my driving force to succeed.


    If you are going to continue the pregnancy I promise you it will all work out in the end the love you’ll have will be like nothing you’ve ever felt xx as my mam would say things always have a funny way of working themselves out x


    If you want to talk or ask some advice or just vent feel free to message me

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