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    Hi All,


    I have recently found out that I am pregnant. The situation is a mess and the dad does not want anything to do with me or the baby. I have two children already from my previous marriage, but I now find myself pregnant at nearly 40 and facing raising a baby by myself. I am doubting every decision I am making even though I know an abortion is not even on the cards. But the way the father has treated me has been horrific. I believe every child has the right to two parents and I am really struggling with the fact that the dad does not want to know. Has anyone been through anything similar? I guess I am just looking for some reassurance that things will be ok even though I am terrified or raising a child by myself.

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    If the father has treated you really badly, then surely your child is going to be much better off not having to deal with the same.

    You’ve already raised two children. You know what you’re doing – which is so much more than I did – so why doubt yourself. Your new baby will have a loving family of three, he or she doesn’t need any more  x

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    You are making the right decision.

    You are a fantastic mum and this baby is so lucky to have you. Don’t ever doubt yourself.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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