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    me and my husband had a marriage break down after I had a miscarriage 3months ago, we rekindled and yes I’m pregnant again however he’s not living at home still and I’m dealing with him being hot and cold and my 2 year old boy having tantrums.

    I have fallen out with my mum who was no support anyway she made matters worse always letting me down but ready to tarnish my husbands name.

    he wants to move back in but wants to be put on the tenancies agreement as a joint tenant after our break down 3 months ago it got a bit heated and I had some bad advice from my mum who I felt I could turn to in this trouble time she ended up calling the police to come and speak with me about me and my husbands argument.

    over Christmas he was arrested questioned and released I didn’t want to press charges he never hurt me we just had a break down in communication and it all erupted in a bad argument.

    he spent Christmas away from our 2yr old son and this really upset him, I feel so bad I never wanted it to get out of hand I had my mum breathing down my neck telling me what I should do and how to do it after I decided to talk to my husband and try and work things out for the sake of our son she disowned me and dropped all my items I had stored at her house.

    I have left completely alone to deal with all this plus bugs and colds over Christmas it’s all stacking up and now I’m pregnant!!!!

    I know I should have been more careful and now my husband is like hot and cold and I feel vulnerable that I have no one to turn to for advice.

    I want us to move on and feel like he will just keep pulling back st every step and I don’t want to feel like this is my only option to feel secure and safe I want the best for my children.



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