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    Hey ..


    so I recently found out I was pregnant at the age of 38 i never thought this was going to happen the week leading up to me finding out I was pregnant was a roller coaster, I was due to move to my new house on the 1st June with my partner.. it’s was all exciting times we had a beautiful relationship.. out of the blue one day a couple of weeks ago he said he didn’t want to move with me, still wanted a relationship, then he changed his mind said he was being silly to revert back 24 hours later again, I had already handed my notice in on my home and couldn’t afford the new home alone. The next day I found out I was pregnant and it was something we had both wanted, it’s been nearly two weeks and he is yet to talk to me ignores messages etc, I have managed to get myself a new house and move this Friday, so in a matter of a week o went to moving in with my boyfriend, to single pregnant and getting a new house alone it’s such a confusing time but I am trying my best to enjoy the pregnancy without stress .. I am 6 weeks now..

    love Katie

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    Omg.I’m sorry you are having all this happening at once.Even though your baby  is really lovely happy news! That’s so special-congratulations.That’s a lot to process.Your head must be in a tizz.Seriously ‘out of the blue ‘?!

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    What a roller coaster but congratulations!!

    I’m a single mum, now 39 with a 16 month old, co parenting with ex.

    I just want to say, you can do this!! Concentrate on you, decide what’s best for you and you as your baby’s mother. Don’t worry about all the worries, things will work out. Xx

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    EL El


    I’m 35 and 5months pregnant and trying to hold things together too. I’m Recently Living on my own like yourself and buying a property on my own too. It can be a lot to focus on; and having roller coaster moments. At times feeling like the only one in this situation when everyone is coupled up or married and you’re having to do it alone…. not easy at all.

    What I would suggest and really encourage you to do is (surround yourself with support if you can) and focus on what’s right for you and the baby. Get therapy to talk to someone and work through your relationship issues. It’s a shame he told you last minute that he no longer wish to move with you but in the end you turned the situation around to get yourself grounded again by finding a home. I’m also confident that you’ll find away to make sure yourself and baby is secure. Remember, you’re not alone just need to  shift things around to accommodate your new situation.

    I’m here in the blog to connect new people so I’m happy for you to reach out to me if you want to.

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    Hope your ok, im in a similar situation im 38 expecting just bought own house, partner is zero support

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    EL El

    Lost mum.. I would like to hear more about your experience especially coping  on your own and buying a property can be tough. Happy for you to share some tips, we can arrange a call sometime if you’d like?

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    El el, hey

    I purchased my house last year, at that point i wasnt aware i was goin to be expecting another addition i thought baby days were over , if u read my post iv put up recently, im not coping to good at the minute im scared stiff about the future 🙁

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    Hi Klou

    I had the same problem like partner left me when he found i m will have a baby.i was so upset but now i m so happy because my princess is lightening my life❤.now is dificult because i m looking to stay with another single mom so we can help eachother while at work.i have 37 year.what do you think?email me at

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