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    This is a long read.

    I haven’t posted on here before but I was wondering if any single parents have experienced this.

    I have my 21 month old son full time and have done, since the day I took my pregnancy test, the other individual involved didn’t want to be part of our lives, essentially after very hot and cold periods of communication at the beginning has no involvement. He does pay £180 a month and has done from the month my son was born.

    I am currently in my 2nd year of university studying to become an Operation Department Practitioner (ODP). I found last year incredibly stressful and miserable to be honest. And I hadn’t really addressed anything until now, I have really struggled adapting to motherhood and even ‘liking’ this role as well as studying alongside this.

    I am about to go on a placement block for 10 weeks (plus 2 weeks for Christmas leave). But my new mentor has told me her shifts are 8am-8pm, 10am-10pm and she also does nights (8pm-8am). I haven’t actually worked as much as this (before I worked 8am-5/6pm) for my other two previous placements. And she still hasn’t confirmed when i’ll be working etc etc and even said about working weekends (which I have refused and also I have said I need Wednesdays off as my son doesn’t go to nursery on Wednesdays). I have said I can work nights also. I will need to complete 3×12 hour shifts and 5 hours on Fridays (as I also take my son swimming Friday afternoons).

    I feel like as soon as I get to the day before placement I have this wave of stress/anxiety about dealing with the hours, being prepared (I make all our meals as we are vegan), missing time with my son, whether it will effect him, I start to overthink about all these things I need to do, but don’t actually complete anything productive because I feel like I am just working myself up, procrastinating and thinking in circles. I need to constantly be checking my phone or talking to people or having someone there to talk to at that precise moment. It makes me on edge and have no patience.

    My nan helps me out massively as she takes my son before and after nursery, so I can go to placement at the right time etc and my mum helps where she can as she works full time too – shift work, but I will have no break when I’m at placement for these 10 weeks as I don’t like to ask them to have him any more than when I am at placement, so I won’t get any time for myself other than once he is bed.

    I just wondered if anyone has dealt with such feelings and whether you have any tips or tricks?


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    Hi StephanieK, I’ve moved your post up so other users see it. Best regards

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