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    I’ve been poorly now for 5 months… partially due to an underlying health condition but I’ve been told now by my GP he thinks I had Covid 5 months back and although luckily not had respiratory conditions, was affected by neurological and gastro symptoms.  I’m wondering how many others have also been affected by what’s termed as the “long haul” recovery, either after having been hospitalized and due to being on ICU, or like myself who had other symptoms, and struggling to shake them off, or who have had an underlying condition that made having the illness worse.  In particular has anyone struggled with the other parent’s lack of understanding during their sickness, as well as guilt / depression for having been away from their child/ren for so long, even in latter stages of recovery it’s time that some made most of during lock down as quality time with kids, when it’s been a case of struggling cause of the separation from them, followed by the other parent putting on a guilt trip for having to look after your child for so long.

    I’m ok, I’ve had psychological support as well… I’m just wondering how many others are out there in a similar situation and if it would be worth starting a thread where people can share similar experiences.  There have been many threads about how to avoid corona, or how to cope with the change in circumstances for everyone and how lockdown has affected, some but I’m thinking more if anyone has been directly affected… be it bereavement or being ill and struggling to fit into this new norm where some people adhere to rules, some people act as if there is no virus and effectively go on their staycation on local beaches with complete disregard for others, or some people looking funny at people for wearing a mask……. has anyone else here had covid and feeling low due to the experience?  There are many online support groups I’ve seen but just thought that adding being a single parent into the mix brings a whole host of additional considerations that it’d be worth hearing what problems people are facing and ways they are finding to deal with it.

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    I’m sorry to hear that you are still not feeling well. We carried on as normal with child going to school and I worked from home  but we had online delivery which still comes once a week. I did not go anywhere to put myself at risk. My child gets on school bus and no issues.

    We went to another park to meet up with friends last week. We popped into greggs to get done sausage rolls for the children as a treat. The man in front of me sneezed into his hands then touched a drink and sandwiches. It was bloody gross and I felt like I should have filmed him. This virus is not going anywhere to be honest. People are ignorant and some are asymptomic.

    Am sorry that you are still poorly.. Maybe try a homeopath or start making veggies in the morning. Hope you feel better soon. I. Make a hot drink with lemon, turmeric and garlic. It’s horrible  but does seems to do the trick.

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