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    I am in the process of getting my almost 5 year old son assessed for ADHD as I feel he is displaying all of the signs. I love him dearly but he is just such a handful and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to deal with him. He often just doesn’t seem to understand or care that things he does are wrong, for example tonight he managed to find some super glue in a drawer and smeared it all over the table before then getting some pens and drawing all over the table and also drawing on the cat, and when explaining to him it’s wrong he just laughs. I am now sat outside his bedroom door in tears, I feel like such an awful mum I feel like I am failing him.

    Are there any parents who’s children have ADHD that can offer any advice? I am currently waiting for the local children’s health team to get back to name regarding getting him referred and assessed fully.

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    My little one is autistic and I would remove these items like pens and paints and get them out when u r with him.

    My daughter is getting better as I changed diet and the school has helped a great deal. Fish oil from Holland and Barrett is good to give.

    My daughter is much settled andnis not as impulsive and hyper as before . I believe it’s because of what she eats .


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    My eldest was diagnosed with autism age 5 and ADHD age 12, they tend to overlap so it’s worth looking at autism advice online as well (not saying that your son definitely has autism, just that a lot of the advice can also be useful!)

    It’s hard. Really really hard. Get whatever support you can, there are usually local groups that are excellent at signposting you to the help you need. Having said that, the available support can be really limited.

    AVOID ASPARTAME. Can’t emphasise this strongly enough, it tips ADHD kids over the edge. Diet and supplements can help, fish oil is useful – do some research online.

    He will need much more supervision that a child without ADHD (no messing, you can’t turn your back for a minute!). Very clear rules and boundaries, having visual reminders, timers etc. Make sure he has access to fidget toys, and activities that will allow him to let off steam. Sensory play is really useful, things like playdough (learn to cook it up yourself to save money), bubbles, slime, sandbox. A large plastic container with uncooked dry rice (you can colour some of it with food dye as well) that he can drive toy trucks through.

    It can take a long time to get a diagnosis, so don’t wait until then, put strategies in place now – they won’t do any harm if he turns out not to have ADHD! There are lots of websites, forums etc where you can get ideas and advice, even Pinterest – see what appeals and would work for you both.

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