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    Plz can i have some advice?

    Basically i have 8 children ( 2 adults now one has left home)

    Anyway i have 6 with my ex partner aged 15,12, 10,8 and twins aged 5

    8yr old is asd and adhd and boy twin waiting on diagnoses suspected adhd

    Me and their dad seperated 4 yrs ago he temporarily moved in to a 2 bed static caravan he was working mon to fri 9- 2.30 but was offered a driving job with same company with “occasional” weekends! We had agreed for him to have children every other weekend but due to him saying his place was not suitable he would stay here with kids and i would stay with friends or book a weekend away to get some proper time out! Anyway over past 4yrs i have been extremely laid back he comes when he pleases in the week lets himself in,does his washing,has some tea etc ect

    But now his new job seems to be every weekend! He has not made any effort to tell his boss he has childrenevery other weekend and i asked him 3 weeks ago to book this weekend off as i have plans (bearing in mind ive just taken kids to greece for a week and this is 6th weekend he hasnt had them) he didnt book it off and now says hes working! I feel at breaking point! Ive told him in future if hes agreed to work on his weekend then to not bother coming here! Im tired of having to leave my own home and sick of when he comes over he lays about on phone or falling asleep yet im still running around tidying after kids!

    He refuses to move, refuses to remove name from house tennancy, refuses mediation and i basically feel controlled as he always asking where im going who with etc

    Do you think im unreasonable for saying this?

    Would appreciate any advice i feel at wits end!

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    Hi just an update yet again he has refused meditation,said its not worth paper its been written on! Told him not to bother coming over weekends if hes working and told him on weds i will have the 6 children ready and waiting for him to take out at 5 and stated he is no longer to stay in my house with them! He told me to jog on! Then he said he is turning up at school one day in week to pick 4 of children up and turning uo at high school on different day and collect other 2 boys from school, said i will never stop him seeing kids! Thats not what im trying to do but i need stability and routine in our lives and i also need a break so hes said this so i basically im left with no time to myself whatsoever…i really dont know what to do now 😭

    P.s i got my key back!

    As if today he picked up my 2 teenage sons from train station then text me to say he had them…after a heated conversation he brought them home


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