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    Looking after your child is actually an international law and in Africa the employers do get involved. The UK naively stated that ‘any court in the world would have heard (my case)”. But they appear to be wising up. The letter I received yesterday instructed the US instead of asking them. Their diction did not prevaricate. They used the word “that” instead of “if.”


    Jenks has committed perjury by lying to several courts. Obstruction of justice. Financial Crime/ fraud. Even fabricated another identity. If the South Carolina court is to be believed (which is difficult but I will try). Benefits fraud too – he is claiming social security. That’s my strong point – he is a criminal in more ways than one. (Child rights being of no import). He appears to believe that he can behave with impunity.


    Why am I doing this? Jenks has been legally proven to be Ralph’s father and Ralph needs support. Heather, (although she would never say so) needs a debt repaid. She also needs to see justice as she, too, has suffered. It took a toll on our relationship but I think, after all of this, we have grown close and learnt to appreciate each other. It hurts terribly that I may be, even in an indirect way, the cause of her distress.


    To excuse Jenks from his responsibility conveys the message that if you are a criminal the law won’t hold you to account. I think that is the wrong message.


    If single mothers continue to accept injustice it will only get worse. Child rights will never mean anything at all – It has to stop.


    I never got the sense that the US would protect my unborn child in any way whatsoever. I wanted my own people – the South Africans – which would have been right under international law, as it was the country in which the child was resident – to take the case.


    When Ralph was six months old I approached the South African courts. They, at least, were sympathetic. But there was a long list of countries with which the South Africans did not share a legal contract enabling them to act. At the time this list was with the Minister of Internal Affairs and I was told it could take years for these issues to be resolved, At the time I felt that the US reaction to my little boy was utterly callous and I did not feel inclined to explore the nature of their compassion or lack thereof. The case had to wait until I was able to act. Officially, I have fought this case for over five years.

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