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    Hello everyone. Please forgive me as i’m totally new and am not at all computer literate and this is all rather daunting. I’ve been living with my daughters mother for 14 years in my own room since the physical side of our relationship broke down soon after the birth of our wonderful daughter. She owns the house, we are not married. I have put my career aside to help with the child care (doing the morning and afternoon school pick ups, cadet runs and everything else she has needed running to!  I have worked around our daughter’s needs as my ex-partner is a very hard working primary school teacher and works very hard and long hours.

    However for one reason and another she has given me a week to move out.  I have no savings, no family to go to and no where to live. I am a gardener and have a van and a lock up but that’s not ideal to live in either.

    I tried to visit the Citizens advice today but was turned away as I was not there an earlier like everyone else (told you I was knew to this).  Please can you help me.

    Question 1 – am I entitled to anything financial from my ex’s house? Or because we’re unmarried, or am i’m stuffed?

    Question 2 – can I get help with renting anywhere so our daughter has somewhere to stay to see me?

    Question 3? What financial help can I get/ if any?

    I’m in a really dark place and need help/advice.  Please help?


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    Firstly I’m sorry for what you are going through. Has she given you any reason as to why you suddenly need to move out?

    I don’t have much advice unfortunately, I’m hoping that by replying it will boost your post and someone who has real advice can help answer some of your questions. Or you may have answers now as it was a few days ago when you put this up.

    Anyways all I can say is try again with citizens advice, book an appt with them if necessary so you are guaranteed to see someone. And also just wanted you to know you’re not alone 🙂

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    Hi there.

    Terry and Co have a good section on unmarried rights

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    I really feel you need legal advice one way or another, I am aware citizen advice have an online section.

    This is only my opinion, and has no legal grounding 14 years, don’t give her the right to only give you a weeks notice, so I would suggest keep it totally amicable but stand you ground insist you need extra time.  When you have worked have you paid her any of your income?  I think you need to look into the law regarding common law marriage also.

    So sorry I cant be of further help, but bud you are not alone, and there will be some light at the end of the tunnel.

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    Head to your local council office & tell them honestly what’s happening. They should put you on the housing list but they may ask you to get a letter from the ex stating the date of eviction. I believe that if the date is less than a month away then they will try organise.something but i don’t know if it’s guaranteed you’d be with your child.

    Go again to citizen advice. Aim to get there for early latest by 9am so you can be seen they will have info for sure about what you need to do. They will ask questions in private and the info to help you.

    Sorry i have no answers to your exact questions. Wishing you the best.

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    Thank Solomum my for clarifying that “You obviously didn’t read, that I said he would need some legal advice and was only my opinion and no legal grounding. I would never offer anyone false hope. You are totally correct regarding common law.

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