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    Hi there, I am really hoping that someone might be able to help me please as I just really need some advice as I am not sure what to do. Thankyou.


    My daughter is 16 & her Mum who is the main carer was put on life support 4 weeks ago due to Covid. My Daughter has been staying with her stepfather but is desperate to come and live with me and I would love this also. I am not sure what to do because I am trying to be sensitive to my ex partners family but I also feel that it is best for my Daughter to stay with me.


    The CMS take out £650 a month from my bank account as I am the paying parent. I do not have any hope that the CMS will be helpful during this time but I thought I would try and ask anyone on here if you know what will happen or what I should do please? If my Daughter stays with me will the CMS stop taking my money out for the Stepdad to use or will they just not do anything and keep taking the money out even though my Daughter will be living with me?


    Obviously her Mother is completely unconscious and is likely to be for a very long time and also may not survive Covid-19.


    Also, we have never had a shared care arrangement and my Daughter has never stayed overnight with me. I say this because on the CMS website it mentions that they won’t cancel any payments if shared care arrangements have been changed during this time due to it only being temporary. I really do not want to be fobbed off by the CMS and I just want what is best for my child. Please help me.


    Thankyou for all of your help and advise

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    Ring directly CMS.

    I have to report every changes of staying nights.

    In regard of daughter living with you, you are on birth certificate?if so, you have the parental responsibility not step-dad.


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