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    Please help me. I feel so alone. I have no family close and no friends I feel close enough to talk to.

    I didn’t know where to turn – I tried crisis text lines but they’re robots. I feel the worst. I feel a failure. I feel I’m poison spreading disease.


    What do I do now?




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    Hello there,


    It sounds like you are feeling really down right now. Loneliness can be really hard to deal with. crisis should have a helpline number too not just a text, i think so you can talk to a real person if need be…

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    Can’t talk via the normal way, haven’t got the balls

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    Hi Lauren this sounds like a very desperate appeal for help and if you need to talk you can add me on Facebook if you want?. Please do not feel like your poison your probably a very worthy person. There are people on here who will help you x

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    Be strong Lauren,


    you are not alone.

    this will pass. Everything does.

    I have just lost my husband and I have an 8 month old.

    I feel pretty desperate some days.


    br strong, girl.

    shout and I will be here.

    why do you feel like poison though?

    talk about your feelings openly. It will help. But talk with those who want to listen… I will listen.


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    Hey, it’s been a few hours now since you posted. How are you feeling now? Any better?

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    Hi Laurenbecky92

    Its good to see that this forum is full of parents who are wanting to support and help you.  Please be aware that I have messaged you privately.

    Kind regards, Justine

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    If you need a friend….. I know I could do with one. Can message me if you want? I’m rarely on Facebook anymore but I need to reach out and get some new friends who understand my life now. My doctor advised me to come here today. Im terrified and taking baby steps but im also alone and I dont want to be anymore. If I can help I promise I will.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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