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    Anyone been reported to child protection/safe guarding/ SS

    What was your outcome?

    I went to hospital because of self harm and feeling suicidal and hospital contacted I think child protection.

    I am seeking mental help with a team and a Gp.

    Could all this possibly be resolved.. Say in a child protection conference?

    Or would they stop complete contact with my daughters.

    Neither me or my ex has been contacted.

    Anyone willing to share their story?,

    Thank you. Russ

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    Russ , You need to relax. You arent going to be contacted as your child wasnt present. They may or may not have informed childrens services. If they havent contacted you its likely case is closed.

    Only person at moment that can stop you seeing your daughter is your ex partner and it sounds like she hasnt either until covid 19 restrictions are lifted.

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    But I thought they would have to chase it up.

    As the hospital has told me they had to put in a refferal.

    And people have told me it could take a few weeks to get in contact.

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    They may or may not have put a referral in. It dont mean that they would need to contact you regardless.

    One reason would be your child wasnt there or knows anything about it. You are now seeking help so it dont happen again.

    It is a good thing that they not contacted your childs mum either .

    If they wanted to speak to you it would of happened by now.

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    Hi Russ102,

    I can imagine this is an additional worry for you, especially after what you must be going through emotionally to be having those thoughts. There may be a contact number here on GB website for more advice?

    I have had suicidal thoughts before, and in talking about it I have discovered quite a few others have too.  And this helps to alleviate my worry about ‘the thought’, that whilst of course serious that it’s more ‘normal’.  I think if more people had the courage to talk about it we would be opening up further the discussion of mental health and what it means to us personally, as individuals living our own lives.  I don’t have experience of self-harm, but again I thank you for sharing.  We are here to help each other.  If you need to talk do PM me.

    I hope you find a little peace at some point these days.  Do you like to be out in Nature?  That helps me when my thoughts get too much.

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    Oo, to add- sometimes what feels awful (eg your situation with the possible referral) may be a blessing in disguise.  There’s no need to fight, there may be help for you.  And there is no shame in any of what you feel (although I imagine it feels like there is.)  Remember- The crack is how the light gets in.

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