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    Hi, I am a paying parent. Currently I do all the driving around pick up and drop off. I work full time. I have asked my ex wife if she can help with sharing the pick up and drop offs when my daughter stays at my house. She refuses to help and leaves all the arrangements for pick up and drops off to me.

    Am I suppose to do all the driving of pick up and drop off or should this responsibility be shared?, if so, how do I get this enforced ?

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    Dads generally have to do all pick up and drop offs unless childs mum chooses to co-parent and share the responsibility . You wouldnt be able to enforce this

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    I’ve found exactly the same, we had a good pattern going until this Easter Holidays, all of a sudden she won’t come to my house anymore.

    I feel as if she holds all the cards, if I tell her I’m not going to pick up then she sees it as I don’t want to see my daughter, if I don’t drop her off them I’m in breach of the court order. For the sake of my relationship with my daughter, I’m doing all the driving around, even though I work full time.

    When it comes time to re-visit arrangements it’s something I’d like to take more of a look into, but right now it’s completely unenforceable.

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    As a paying Dad go do get the rough end of the stick constantly. Even CSA are on child’s mother’s side, it’s a shame that the whole system isnt more fair.

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    I’m new to the site and it’s so refreshing to hear other people share my opinion. The system is completely on the mothers side regardless of the situation and mums have all the say.

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    I get the system is broken and will favour the mum…. but when a dad does a complete bunk financially, emotionally and in every other sense…. just disappears, mums really can’t do anything about it, she’s totally screwed

    I think of you have  50/50 shared custody then travel should be shared. If you only see your child 2 days a week and every other weekend then you should do all the pick ups and drop offs. I say this, because I don’t think it’s fair for a dad to say I work full time and I can’t cope with the pick ups and drop offs, but mum is expected to work her whole life around her children, collecting them from school, work hours etc.

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    I have also the same problem, neither of us drive. She made accusations  against me so far to be found untrue so you would of thought by meeting half way in public would be beneficial. Yet she wants picked up drops at hers which make you wonders. We just got to do what we go to do see our children how little or hard it can be!

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    Lulublue! I thought all that as well!Some of the men on here just have No Idea,do they? Makes you wonder how their relationships fell apart as they’re obviously such model dads.Four days per month or whatever..

    Thanks for posting that,they seem to think it’s so easy for us.

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