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    Hi I’m a single mum with 3 girls aged from 7-15 and I’m absolutely petrified of catching the Coronavirus and keep picturing the worst case scenario and not seeing my girls grow up. I really feel like my hands are tied as I still have to work so I’m being put at a greater risk and my anxiety is going through the roof. I work on a hot food takeout counter (pretty much like Gregg’s) but because it’s also a butchers my boss is getting away with keeping it open. I really don’t see my job as being essential especially over my health but what can I do?? Is anyone else struggling with the fear of the unknown? I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve burst in to tears today and that’s while I’m trying to do things to keep me busy. I’ve come off all social media, have no news apps and won’t watch normal tv but even doing that it’s still main topic of conversation when I call friends or family. I don’t know how to cope with this 🙁

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    I am so sorry to read what you have written. I am sorry that you have an unsympathetic boss. Is there any way you can get signed off by your gp so that you can focus on your yourself and children.

    I don’t bother with the news and am still at work and just concentrated on us at mo. The news is indeed depressing but there are some relaxing mediation videos that you can download. I’m a bit thick skin and I don’t worry too much as it will get better. was only worried about my freezer not arriving In time. I’ve asked people to send me posituve funny jokes. If I get morbid ones I just block them.

    Obviously this thing is everywhere you turn but I am not going to let it get me down. Today I. Made roast chicken and did some gardening. Take care and dont live in fear xx

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    It is really tough. I’ve gone from being n a state of constant anxiety and having a little cry every morning …  to occasionally feeling normal. But even then, I suddenly panic that I am just sleep walking to disaster.

    I need to get a grip! Sherinam in quite right – it is no way to live. If you are doing all you can then there is no more that you can control. You may as well be positive.

    I expect you are now in isolation so do take care and keep safe.

    This weekend we did family Bingo on Zoom  – it was a lot a fun and laughter is a great way to smash though fear!!




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    Hi there,

    I know exactly how you feel. I myself have two teenage boys (17 & 13) that are stubborn and self-obsessed atm. They are little to no help around the house unless there is something worthwhile in it for them and I’m having a hard time being in my home constantly with them because their attitude means I don’t like them very much atm. However I do love them with my whole heart and I’m so so so petrified of having to go to work and catching the virus and no longer being here to look out for them. Their dad is a keyworker, as am I, but he is useless the majority of the time. I was off work for a long time due to a decline in my mental health: depression and anxiety took over causing me to lose interest in anything. I had been on a phased return back to work for three weeks until I developed a sore throat and cough, so I was told to self isolate for seven days which I have. I was supposed to be on a phased return for four weeks. I had some holiday left and have since used all of that up, so now I have to return to work. My boss has let me start at a later time so I can avoid any crowds early in the morning but she has two members of staff there using a small office. I’ve queried this and been advised that it can work if we adapt a bit. I am resentful towards her at this time because she is working from home. She is an older lady but not in the vulnerable category. I just feel really anxious because of it all and I’m scared that going to work will make my mental health really suffer again.

    I would however suggest that you look at all NHS advice for looking after your mental health as this website does have some good links to some great advice.

    I can’t help but feel there is still a huge lack of understanding to single working parents from employers. My extended family have been no help either, they just tell me to stop worrying…. gee thanks. That fixed it… Not!

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