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    Has any single mums taken their children abroad with permission from the father? I have a letter from my ex who is named on the birth certificate (we all have the same surname so no issues with me having different surname) all he has written is he gives me permission to take them away and he’s signed it is that enough??? I was expecting a longer letter from him. Will they expect this or may I have still get stopped taking them away??

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    I have taken my daughter abroad with his permission. and ive only ever gotten it as verbal.

    I would imagine that his signature and permission is perfectly fine.


    ring the childrens law and advise people.  check they’re website. its really good.

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    I’m a single parent in Spain now with my son,we haven’t even got the same surname.Didnt bother asking his dad for permission as he hasn’t seen him for 3yrs which was his choice.I wasnt asked at the airport or by passport control any questions at all.You will be fine,go and have a stressfree holiday ☀️👙🕶🍹

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