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    Is anyone here who can give some advise on making sure I can afford to stay in the house with my kids? My ex-husband is currently still paying for his share of the mortgage but I’m worried what might happen if he decides to stop. I there anything legal I can put in place to make sure he’s legally bound to continue his payments?

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    This happened to me and our mortgage was only  £200 a month. My ex moved out but still insisted on paying mortgage because he was on £70k a year so it was hardly  anything but the property was In  his name . He took me to court and rhe court ruled to sell  the property for £80k  after my daughter was born.

    . His lawyer said he cant ontinue paying for a home he doesn’t live in.  I fell pregnant and my ex sstarted divorce proceedings.  I was in full time work at the time so coyld show bsnk my earnings. f you can’t afford to pay you will be told to seek cheaper accommodation and you will need to give some of the money from property to ex even if you have children. Mine was 50 % split but my ex had another home which was  not declared. The law has changed now and they are pro fathers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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