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    I found out yesterday that I was 18+3 weeks pregnant…yeah massive shock. No symptoms, bump etc. My boyfriend of 2 years, who I was in the process of buying a house with, has never really ‘liked’ children (his words) so I called him crying to tell him.

    He’s straight away started the blame game and has told me to ‘never speak to him again’ and blocked me on everything as I wouldn’t say goodbye to the baby (I can’t even say the word) After seeing our little baby on the screen the bond I felt straight away he could never understand.

    Please tell me it gets easier, I am beside myself as I thought he was the love of my life and it’s only now sinking in the magnitude of my situation. Feel so betrayed 😞


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    Shame on him you will be okay hunny be strong and always remember when your child grows up it will know that your the one that stood by him or her and that’s all that matters.

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    You’ll be okay!!!

    I broke up with my ex when I was 2 months pregnant and he decided, if I didn’t want to be with him, he didn’t want anything to do with either of us. My best advice is forget all about him. It’s now his choice if he steps up to be a dad or not, there’s nothing you can do. Focus on yourself and the baby. I don’t know your housing and financial situation but there’s plenty of places to go to for help and advice with all that. Gingerbread, citizens advice etc Ask your mum/sister/best friend if they’d be your birthing partner and come to the scans. They’ll be honoured to be asked. Get everything baby-wise from Facebook marketplace and 2nd hand places…you really don’t need anything new apart from a car-seat and a cot mattress. And you don’t need half the stuff they advertise to you. You’ll soon become a master in finding great deals and bargains.

    The best thing about being a solo parent is that you’ll have the most incredible and special bond with your little one. It will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done but it will also the absolute best thing you’ve ever done too. My daughter is 2 now and is my world. You really will be okay.

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    I’m so sorry you are going through this. The exact same thing happened to me last week. It’s gut wrenching and has taken my breathe away.

    If you need someone to speak to. I am here. We need to remember we are loved and time is a healer. We need to be kind to ourselves. X

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    Thank you all for your lovely replies. Honestly feel like it’s getting worse and worse each day – especially as he has already moved on less than 3 days later making my heart feel like it’s shattered into a thousand pieces.

    His family also are being horrible which is making it all even worse. I feel so weak just wanting to message him but know it’ll literally do no good or make no difference. 😞


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    I try not to judge people, but I can’t compute how your ex could do that. Every man has to face up to his responsibilities, even if they’re not naturally disposed to children. I’m sure you’ll be a strong, committed and caring parent – everything your child will need and more.

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