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    me & my husband recently moved from a busy town to a small villiage the other end of the country to be nearer to my family. Things have been hard coping with such a big change & we are staying with family to be able to save for our very own home. My husband has been very stressed out & has changed so much since living here, drinking every day, going straight down the oub from work & comig home drunk & missing seeing our kids before they go to bed. We had a big row last week & things were said, he said he needed space. I tried to give that to him but i could tell there was something more to it. I found out this week that he has been seeing someone in the pub he goes to & she told a friend that he was leaving me after christmas. I asked him if this was all true & he denied it all, saying he still loved me & wanted to give our family a shot. Since then there has been rows over my family spying on him & getting involved, he has made no effect to see our kids & hasnt even asked how they are. Insteas he continues to work & drink down the same pub. I am in absolute bits & not sure whether to believe him or the rumours. Now he has told me hes going to rent somewhere. Surely if he still loved me & there was no other woman he would be trying his upmost to figure things out between us & our family.

    i honestly dont know how im going to cope emotionally, i do still love him but hes told me so many lies (not just this stuff).

    any advice would be greatly appreciated x

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