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    Hi, I am new here.

    My baby dad left when I decided to keep the pregnancy after being scared going through the clinic stuff, I just couldn’t do it.

    I am now 18 weeks away from giving birth and feel utterly sick at the fact I am alone. I’m scared he’s moved on already (it’s been 10 weeks since he left) and I am scared he won’t come back. I know it is wrong of him to do this to me and I never expected it from the person he is. He has a huge heart and is very loving and caring. But in this situation he couldn’t be further from those things. I’m completely blocked on all contact forms and don’t know what to do.

    im hoping he comes back but I am very scared that he won’t . I am prepared for him to not return, but I am struggling to deal with things.

    anu advice and help would be amazing

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    Hi hun, I’m new here too just today.

    I just wanted to pop a message because I’m in the exact same boat. Just over a month ago my partner left and cut all ties with me completely. I never expected this either and only today found my self completely break down! I’m due early March and I feel so lost. My ex has such a big heart and is so lonely but I’ve never known anyone to treat me so badly!

    I’ve been told he never even loved me, so I’m shutting off all hope that he will come back because I think maybe if they can leave so quickly then we deserve better and will be better for our babies.

    I hope you’re ok! Sending you the biggest virtual cuddle because I get it and it’s rubbish! Xx

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    I’m so sorry ti hear this. I’ll never understand how a ‘man’ who is 50% responsible for making a baby can react and/or treat the mother of his child so badly and with so little respect.
    I was in the same place as you! I too had hoped that my babies father would come back before I gave birth after he ghosted me for weeks. And then he did come back. . . and came to the birth – so hold onto that hope if you can if you feel you will be able to move forward with him. However my babies dad is now being quite up and down about things so it’s also important that you do keep an open mind that things might not work out how you were hoping. It’s a horrible place to be mentally 🙁
    I’m sure you are finding your pregnancy stressful at the moment but please try and enjoy it. I know it feels like the situation with your babies dad feels like a heavy cloud above you. What is meant to be will be and you WILL get through this tough time. An unplanned pregnancy often shocks the dads to extremities it seems! Even when they are happily married and/or had been trying for a baby! I believe men can react in all sorts of ways, however this does not help you and your well being when the reaction is so negative. Please focus on you and your baby. Eat healthy, surround yourself with friends and family. You are stronger than you think. You will be an amazing mother whatever the outcome regarding your babies father x

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    P.s – please feel free to private message me on here if you would like to talk any further. I would be more than happy to be any further support for you xxx

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