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    Hello I’m reaching out to see if anyone else has dealt with a partner leaving them at the last stages of pregnancy we was expecting our second child with each other celebrated the reveal of the baby with family and friends and then my partner pulled the plug on our 8 year relationship. he just doesn’t know if family life is for him or I am the person for him anymore


    I feel an immense amount of guilt that both my children won’t have there farther in their lives all the time and having to share them back and forth I blame myself for losing the person I still love I have no control or say over what has happened. I feel disconnected from having my second baby I just want to get it over and done with which isn’t normal.
    I’m scared of being on my own and having to raise my boys on my own I just am very lost and don’t know what to do.

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    Hi Victoria,

    ive sent you a message!

    lou x

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    Hi Victoria

    Unfortunately I know exactly how you feel although my partner cheated and left me at 9 weeks

    Its horrific I know the pain your going through and there are no words to heal but time will. Im now due next week and I’m so excited to have my little girl so it does get easier.

    In your case though it sounds like he may be overwhelmed..I’m not excusing his behaviour in any  way shape or form but have you suggested counselling? In my case my ex turned  abusive and we do not speak with the exception of him sending me horrifically abusive messages.

    Is there anything that has happened in your exs life lately that maybe hes not coping with?

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    Yeah I tried to suggest that to try and save the relationship but it went nowhere.

    he has basically said fallen out of love with me but wants to try see if we can get it back by seeing us a few times a week I just don’t know whether to try that or just leave it?
    man I just prolonging more heartache



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    Hi Victoria

    Sorry to hear what you are going through. It’s a tough time but you come out of it so much stronger.
    My children’s father left me during both pregnancies. You’d think I would have learnt the first time round but no I believed he was not ready, overwhelmed Etc but no he then did it again 3 years later.
    I’m no longer with him as I found myself happier alone then trying to trust someone who betrayed me that way.
    It’s a difficult time but there’s so much other joy in it. As I’m sure you know kids bring so much Love into your life.
    Don’t isolate yourself- have family and friends involved as much as possible. It really helped me cope with the tougher times.

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