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    Hi all, I’m new to  gingerbread, I just feel like I need to speak to someone that I don’t know! My partner came out of prison early this year, I gave birth to our son while he was inside, he’s 20 months now, since he has been out things have been really rubbish, I found out I was pregnant in August it was a surprise for both of us as I was taking the pill! He wasn’t very happy about the situation and told me to abort the baby, something I wasn’t willing to do! So I decided to carry on with the pregnancy, he became more distant and became really nasty he would call me and say Nasty things to me and accuse me of cheating or being with a man when I’m generally out shopping or sat at home with the kids,  At my 12 week scan I had screening for Down’s syndrome and the test came back high risk! I decided not to have any further tests done and to carry on the pregnancy as normal! Things started getting soo much worse he hasn’t seen our son in weeks and every time he contacts me it turns into an argument! Today he missed called me and he left a voice mail, it was him and another woman talking about being in bed together , this has absolutely broken me I’m devastated I’ve got soo much on my mind at the moment this has completely drained me emotionally! I had my suspicions because of the way he was acting but this has just made it all real, I feel physically sick about it! I now know why he’s been so distant and angry towards me, he kept accusing me of cheating but all along it was him! I just feel used as was the only person who supported him in prison and the only person to visit him send him money and clothes , i would visit him every other weekand while I was pregnant and Also after havin our son! It was a 3hour journey! I I picked him up the day he came out ! I feel ashamed of myself for putting my everything into it and now I’m heart broken! I have a 9 year old daughter from a previous relationship and she looked at my partner as her father figure! I now have to explain that he’s no longer going to be around! And her biological dad doesn’t bother very much so i know this will be really upsetting for her! I’m going  To be a single mum of three I’m not 100%? Sure weather the baby will be born with Down’s syndrome, this is a big worry! I just feel soo down I just need to pick my self up for my kids! Soo much has changed in such a short time i just can’t seem to deal with my emotions!!does any one have any advice for me id be soo grateful, thankyou  for reading  I hope you all have a lovely Christmas 🎄

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