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    Hi all so I was told about this site and I thought I’d give this a try as I’m really struggling at the moment. My partner died a week ago after a 5 week battle with covid 19 at the age of 35 leaving me alone with 2 children. I feel so alone and like im letting my children down so badly. I’m trying to plan a funeral grieve and look after them while they grieve. Christmas is right in front of us and Iv no idea how I’m going to make it good for them after losing such a big part of our lives. My partner was the main earner and I only work 15 hours a week Iv no idea how we will cope financially or even begin to get back to any sort of normal. Any advice welcome xx

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    Hiya.  First of all im so so sorry to hear about your loss.  My heart goes out to you. Focus on the kids and make sure they have a good Christmas but please talk to some one if you need to in order to stay strong. You can always talk to me if you like.  You would be entitled to financial help..the CAB citizens advice bureau would help you. Don’t feel alone and you have not let your kids down. You sound like a great mum. Please do reply if you want to chat more x Dave

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    Hi Dave thanks for your reply, it’s so hard to talk to anyone close to me about this they are all couples and have their own families and as much as they tell me everything will be ok they are not and haven’t been in this situation. It’s so overwhelming to even start to think about the rest of our lives and yet it’s all I’m worrying about of that makes sense?! Sorry to sound so irrational 😬 it’s just good to let it out x

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    Please let.out to me as much as you want! Talking is good and I’m a good listener!  So what area of the country are you in? I’m in Kent so tied 4 ! Hopefully we can chat soon.  Xxx if chatting off here is easier. .we can always do that if you like  x dave

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    Hi Sara_jt

    I’m one of the moderators here and I have read your post this morning.  Thanks so much for posting here and I am so sorry  you and your family are going through this.  I recommend that you contact our Single Parent Helpline.  They will be able to advise you around any potential benefit entitlements and will also be able to help you to explore your options.  Here are their details:

    • Gingerbread Single Parent Helpline – Freephone 0808 802 0925

    Opening hours:  Mon 10 – 6, Tues 10- 4, Wed 10 – 1 & 5 – 7, Thurs 10 – 4, Fri 10 – 4  They can be busy so callers can expect to wait up to 20 minutes before the call is answered

    I can also recommend Cruse.  They will be able to offer you support and should have resources that may be useful for your children.

    • Cruse Bereavement Care offers face to face, telephone and online support to those who have lost someone.

    Widowed and young is a network of single parents who have lost a partner.  This may also be of use to you.

    • Widowed and Young provide peer to peer support service for men and women under 50 who have lost a partner.  It is run by a network of volunteers and offers a range of services.

    I hope this is of use to you but also hope you find our forum useful.  They are a great bunch of people from all walks of life and I hope they will be able to offer you support you need at this time.

    I wish you and your family all the  best, Justine

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    Oh Sara, I’m so so sorry for your loss lovely. I cannot even begin to understand how you must be feeling. But please don’t worry about the financial side of it, there is help out there that you will be entitled to (Universal Credit etc). xxx

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    Very sorry to hear of your loss.

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    I’m so sorry for you’re loss, sending lots of love and healing your way! I can’t imagine how you’re feeling right now!  your children will get you through this, you will always have a part of him in them ❤️  your partner will always be around you and he will be by your side!! Sending each and every one of you a massive  hug! Take one day at a time and please don’t be hard on yourself you need to deal with you’re emotions as well as you’re children’s. Thinking of you and your children  at this difficult time ❤️❤️

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    Thinking of you all at this sad time💜

    We are here for you! X


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    Thank you for all your lovely replies, I’m sat with a cup of tea crying to myself waiting for the children to get up then il put a face on and take on the day 💔

    merry Christmas to you all xxx

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    Hey sarajt

    Been thinking of you, really proud of you! Taking on today, keeping spriits up for your children you are a credit to them. I hope you were able to gain strength from happy times passed and involve some happy moments today.

    Wishing you strength in every foot step.

    I hope you have been able to sit down this evening and take some time out, be kind to yourself 🙌 xx

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    Hi Sara,

    I’m new here and I just saw ur post.I’ve no idea where you are but please know I-and probably lots of other ppl who read this-really care & feel so bad for what ur going thru.It must be such a painful time.Don’t tell urself ur letting ur kids down,of course ur not!! Uv’e just been thrown into an awful and unexpected life change.There must be so many things that hurt and make you cry right now.I know when I first became a single mum it took me a long time to stop tearing up all the time,having kids and going thru stuff is so hard.It’s ok not to be ok,for so many different reasons most of us are a bit unravelled inside where no one can see…Lots of love.

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    • Thank you for your reply Iv struggled through this and made it through Xmas and new year but now I have the funeral to face on Monday and it feels like I’m going back to square one. It’s been a emotional rollercoaster. I never ever thought I’d be in this position at 33. I don’t know where to start and now Iv got to attempt to home school my children (although I think the decision to lock down was the right one) too there’s just not enough hours in the day but it’s so nice to talk to people about it all just to say it makes me feel better xxx
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    Omg.Can you get some support sonewhere? Surely you don’t live in a desert all alone?? This is a very heavy load for 1 person.I think lockdown now is too little too late and most people’s kids need to be back in school b4 they drive us And themselves off the rails completely.I’ve got 4 kids here and honestly we’re not always 100 % loving to each other all the time.I really hope you have s1 who can break up the long days for you.None of my biz,just wondering how old ur kids are.Tell them there’s ppl here who really feel for what ur going thru,if it helps.Thinking of you.

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    I have my mum but she works so she’s not available all the time. Mixing with people has been hard due to the covid restrictions. I don’t mean I’m alone from people I think I mean I’m more alone from people who truly understand the situation we have been left in. My children are 7 and 11. Xx

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