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    Hi all

    I have recently become a single mum after 11 years together 6 married and I’m looking into my housing options for me and my daughter. I would prefer to buy as I will get my share of the equity from our house sale and would like to buy for better security for myself and my daughter. However the mortgage I can get will not be big enough on just my wage so thought maybe I could part rent part buy??

    The question is has anyone gone down the part rent part buy option and do universal credits help you with the rent part?

    Thanks in advance

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    I’m new here, have you though of contacting housing associations and enquiring about your options.

    I live in a housing association property. And have the option to buy it. But my income and expenses are not enough to buy at present.

    Please have a good think about this even though I had work I  housing dept.

    I consider renting. Which was suitable for me.


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    Thanks for your reply. Yeah its alot to think about there is a fair few pros and cons to part ownership. Hot lots to research!

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