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    i have recently separated fully from the father of our kids. He was never around and never really spent time with kids. He is unwell and maybe depressed, also a narcissist.suddenly he wants to pick up the kids.

    I’m trying to find out my rights and his.

    My worries are:

    -i don’t know where he lives

    -i don’t know the environment(is it safe)

    -is he using something



    He refuses to provide me this information.
    I don’t want to deny him his right to see the kids (although he hardly ever did it before), but I have concerns for their safety.
    Now as a father, can he take them without letting me know where he is taking them?

    Don’t I have a right to know where they are, where his house is and is it suitable for kids(no drugs or users there, etc)

    what are his and what are my rights in this situation, I know kids have right to both parents but so far I have been a single mum since i had them.

    thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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