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    I was just wondering if I put father on birth certificate can he just take baby away from me without permission or do anything to do with the baby without my permission ?

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    there is info about parental responsibility here:

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    Laws vary depending on where you stay in the uk, however most honour both having parental responsibility if child is registered at birth by mother and father together. Although it may not be your personal preference for this to happen I do think having both named is in the child’s best interests. Not having him named, although you know he is can cause complications later in life, especially with claiming financial support. He will have the right to deny responsibility, therefore you will have to prove he is biological dad, which can be expensive as you will need to go through courts to do so. If you have any complications with him having parental responsibility afterwards, you can get agreements that confirms that you are main care giver and your decisions are final. With that being said, I would still advise you to seek further information on the link provided by previous comment. Use this, alongside your personal circumstances to work out what will be best for you and baby in the long run x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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