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    Hi, my child is almost 7 years old and my ex has not seen my child for almost 6 years and even then it was brief and inconsistent. He made it clear he wasn’t interested, he has not paid any child maintenance, my ex and his family have nothing to do with my child.

    unfortunately I was young and naive and put him on the birth certificate, I have changed my child’s name to match mine via deed poll. However I think it would benefit my child if our surnames matched on our passports as was unable to do this when renewed as would need his permission but i have no idea where he is to gain consent!
    Is there any way he can have his parental responsibility removed so we don’t have to worry about consent for travelling abroad etc? There is also a history of domestic abuse as well so I wouldn’t feel comfortable going out my way to find him as such, I’ve heard of mediation and stuff like that but I’m unsure where to turn.

    im also worried that if anything happens to me my child will go to my ex. Is there anyway I can prevent this from happening? I just don’t want him to have power over my child when he wouldn’t even recognise my child if they walked past each other in the street! Thanks

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    I have just recently changed my daughters surname via a court order.  Her fathers name is on the birth certificate but he has had no contact with her for 10 years.  I applied to court and in a 10 minute phone hearing my daughters surname was changed.  It did cost me £215 but it’s all legally done and i can now change name on her passport etc.

    I have also been worrying about what will happen to her if something happens to me and unless I get his parental rights removed the only thing i can do is make a will and put in it who i would like to look after her if anything happens.

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    Can I just add that a testamentary guardian has no legality as long as there is a surviving parent with PR or/if there is a CAO in place at the time of death that states the child lives solely with the mother or father

    Just a heads up!

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    Also……. PR removal can only be done by concent.

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