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    Hey All,

    After some advice, me & my son’s mother broke up about a year after he was born. Since this day he has lived with me and not had much contact with his mom. I’ve made every decision in his life the first day of school to doctors and hospital appointments.

    It was his 8th Birthday yesterday not a message card of anything from her same as most years but now want to bite the bullet and got for full parental responsibility how do I go about this?

    I’m on his birth certificate etc just need advice

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Nick,

    Fair shout for stepping up for your boy!

    Try giving these folk a ring:

    Child law advice service 0300 330 5480

    Good luck


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    You already have full PR for your child. How would it benefit your child or yourself to remove mum’s PR? I wouldn’t try to do it without very good reason to be honest.

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    It’s more the fact she doesn’t bother with him and would want to see it removed that if anything happened to me I could choose who he went to stay with as I think she would neglect him or just put him into care as she has no maternal instincts for him and never has unfortunately

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    Hi  Nick

    Im in the same boat but am the mother. I have 3 amazing kids all with the same father unfortunately. He disappeared over 4 years ago. No contact whatsoever. I looked into getting full PR but it’s costly and unlikely to happen. My children are all elite sports level kids and regularly have to travel abroad some countries require both parents consent for the child to travel and this is why I wanted it. However the courts are still unlikely to give me full pr instead I have to pay to track him down, the the court fees to get a court order to allow my children to travel.all at my expense as well as being the sole career . It’s unbelievable how this works! And very unfair! I feel your pain let’s hope the law changes for the better and soon.

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    Martina Lee Luis

    First make a will be sure your wishes for your son are voiced if something where to happen to you. Second and most important never give up on your sons interaction with his mother.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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