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    Good afternoon,

    I’m currently in a position where I can’t see my daughter. My ex partner is refusing contact. Unbelievable mothers are allowed to do. I have never had any concerns raised by social services, I have no criminal convictions and I have always paid child maintenance and yet I’m unable to see my little girl who turns 2 next month, until after court have decided if I’m a fit father (Guilty until proven innocent)

    It’s made me realise how broken the systems is and we must fight for change. Please see the petition in the link to campaign for mandatory 50/50 contact.



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    I struggled for access over ten years with my older two. I think I was locked outside of seing ma daughter for her third birthday

    what helped me start to get access was just a letter from a lawyer detailing I wanted visiting right. And just that letter kinda shook her into doing the right thing at that point.

    and this is the darkest most toxic women out

    the abuse and struggle continues. But that’s what I suggest you start with.

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    I agree fathers should not be stopped from seeing their children but 50/50 doesnt work for all children and all situations, if a child is really little say under 1 years old it can really affect them emotionally, causes them alot of confusion and cause them alot of stress, or because some parents work more then others it’s not always possible, my oldest sons father hasn’t wanted to be apart of his life and has never seen him so mandatory 50/50 would not work even if he all of a sudden wants to be in his life as he doesn’t know who he is and he’s already nearly 4 years old, my youngest is only 4 months old, I’ve had a lot of problems with his dad since we broke up when I was nearly 5 months pregnant, I have never stopped him seeing him, but obviously lockdown threw a massive spanner in the works, he couldn’t physically see him for 8 weeks because me and my 2 sons went into lockdown at my parents farm because it was best for all of us, I had just given birth, I got really poorly from mastitis so needed my mums help for a week and you shouldn’t separate a tiny newborn from his mother, but I always sent photos and we facetimed him, luckily we have now come to a proper agreement, although I still don’t agree from 6 months he should be having him 2 nights and then 3 nights every other week from 7 months as hes still too young it’s the only agreement we could come to and I was sick of the fighting, I didn’t want my 2 boys to see me stressed and watch me go through a court case, it’s not about what’s fair to the parents it’s about what’s right for the children, even though I want my little one to have a good relationship with his dad, he’s just so tiny

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