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    Hi, some of you must of been put through this. Happily married to my wife. My adult children from my previous marriage who I got full custody off 13 years ago lived with us and she told me that they all have to leave for reasons only known to her as she is a Jehovah witness. I refused to evict all my hard working children so she decided to leave and took our 2 year old daughter with her. In the first week I saw my daughter 2 evenings then my ex said no more contact. It’s been 9 weeks, got my hearing in 5 weeks. Can I use parental alienation in my defence as I’ve applied for custody of my 2 year old daughter.

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    I don’t know the facts other than what you say but I’m not sure why you use the words “in your defence” as it was her decision to leave, and in court unless it is specifically in the interests of the wellbeing of the child they tend to recommend contact maintained with both parents where possible and if she is preventing you from seeing her she would need a very valid reason for this or she could land herself in trouble and her solicitor would have advised her of this.  So if she is maintaining this stance, based on what you say I would be very cautious and seek proper legal representation yourself.


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    Thankyou Anonymous and welshdad for your replies. I just feel its so unfare to stop me from seeing my daughter. There was no issues what so ever leading up to the break up. We had a weekend away together planned the night before she left so dont understand why the alienation. I do have a solicitor but I don’t trust them in regards to issues. My solicitor advised me to apply for custody which was a positive.Yes Anonymous you did feedback to me about jehovah witness post thankyou. The fact that I didnt want to evict my children because once a father always a father. In my eyes you put your children before anything else in life.

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