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    Hi all, as the title says I’m trying to ascertain the right age for my Son to have overnight stays with his dad. His dad is demanding he has him from 6 months but currently he is being breastfed, I feel like this is too young for my son to be away from me as he wakes often in the night for feeds. My ex has said that he has sought legal advice from someone in the government about this but I only want to do what is right by our baby. He’s only 4 1/2 months and I can’t see him being ready in 6 weeks to be away from me. As a background, my ex and I were spending time together when our son was a newborn but emotions were too high and we kept falling out in front of our son, so I asked for him to use a contact centre which he refused to use and expected me to pay for it. As a result he hasn’t seen our son since the start of August but came for a visit yesterday (which I agreed to out of a contact centre). He says if I don’t agree to him having our son from 6 months then he’ll take me to court. I just wondered if anyone has been through the system already and can advise on what age is appropriate so I can give him a fair answer. I had been told previously by health visitors that 18 months would be the earliest for our son to adapt to staying away. Thanks in advance for any responses!

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    I’m no expert, but generally speaking I believe a court wouldn’t usually favour over night stays in a child under 2, especially if they are breast fed.

    Go and get yourself half an hour free with a solicitor to firm this up.

    If he hasn’t bothered with contact from August til now, try not to panic too much – that really doesn’t look good on him.

    Document everything!

    Good luck xx


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    I been through courts. when both parties are not agreeable then its left up to courts. I was having kids for the day, was decided that overnights to start when child turns 2 and a half. heard other cases where it started earlier when child around 15-18 months.

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