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    Another question, sorry.  Please ignore the fact that this may come across like I am being very technical or that I am not wanting the best for my children, I am just trying to get my understanding correct.

    Hypothetically speaking, if I have 50% of nightly responsibility and the CM is being calculated on me having the kids overnight more than 175 nights per year therefore I pay the mother the CM. Who is responsible during the days?  I only ask this as the gov calculator clearly states nights rather than day and night care.

    For example, currently, if a Wednesday is ‘my day’, if during school holidays I cannot take holiday off work, I pay the childrens mother an amount to look after them during the day and I then resume responsibility from the moment I finish work and have them overnight. Does this mean that if in future I pay CM, this CM payment is to cover the day and this ‘daily payment’ would not be required as the CM covers this and within the calculation of CM, my nightly responsibility is the only factor used for calculation.


    Right im starting to confuse myself now.

    Any help or advice appreciated so thanks in advance.


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    I and my ex handle it as follows.

    During the holidays our son will attend a holiday club. Regardless of whose day it is, we each do 50%, so we total up the holiday club bill for the summer and pay half each.

    We also use their daily rate to set our own price for the next 12 months. So if one of us needs to take a day holiday because of a snow day etc, the other pays that day rate.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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