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    my ex partner left me and my 9 month old little girl in February, since then he or his family have made no effort to see her. Not much of a change as they never did before and he didn’t do anything with her when he lived with me so it’s no change to me now being a single mum. In my eyes they are strangers to her and she doesn’t cope very well being away from me.

    The thing is he and his mother are now constantly asking to have her overnight, this is over an hour away and he is now threatening me with court. The house is 3 bedroom and there is 9 people living there and a dog that may bite. He sleeps on his mother’s sofa and the house is not sanitary at all. The last time she went there for the day she came back with a gash on her hand as there is 6 other kids that live there some with learning and anger problems, now I don’t want to sound like I’m being stuck up about it but all I’m trying to do is look out for my daughter welfare. She would have no where to sleep nor play.

    I have said he can see his daughter whenever he wants, he can come here and see her. He can also pick her up in the morning and bring her back before bed time. I’ve never kept his daughter away from him baring in mind he has never made the effort to see her and now wants to have her over night, which I have put my foot down and said no. I will discuss it with him when he has his own place and a suitable environment for her to stay.

    My question is has anyone been through this sort of thing? Will the court take her off me and actually let him have her overnight in a place like that? I’ve been stressing for days and it’s really making me ill to be honest.

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    it’s unlikely that court will give overnights when child is so young. i been through courts. 2 kids got overnights when they turned 2 and a half. some partners start overnights earlier than that if they are resonable and on good terms. at 9 months I was only seeing child for 1 or 2 hours.

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    Thankyou, put my mind at ease a little.

    I’ve told him when he has his own place and somewhere safe like her own bedroom for her to sleep and play I will discuss it with him. he keeps complaining it may take him a year or more for that to happen. But he knew this would be the situation when he decided to leave me and her because he was bored.

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