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    Hey there .. I’m 40 yrs of age , very early stages of pregnancy , aged 40 and single . I live in Kent and would really like to Make new friends or just chat with anyone in a similar situation .  I already have an older child . So I feel far to old to be having another and going backwards , especially  doing this alone . Arghhhh it’s All so hard as I work full time , have a mortgage to pay for , but also enjoy my freedom . New friends needed


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    Liane 245


    I admire you. I’ve been considering pregnancy recently. My eldest will be 15 this year and my youngest 10.

    I was talking the other day about how I’ll be 46 when my youngest is 18. Would I have anymore???

    Im no ‘pot luck’ atm I’m relationship dependent.

    But good luck to you.

    Are you enjoying it???

    Does the dad know?

    Are you in a steady relationship????


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    yeah the dad knows . Decent guy I just don’t want to be with him so I’ll be doing it on my own . Ahhh just seen your still young enough for another kid . Not easy when the others are grown up . But hopefully they will help lol xx

    where r u from !

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    Liane 245

    I’m based in south essex.

    Lived here now for the past ten years after my relationship with my childrens father got me placed in a womens refuge.

    Its been tough. Ive been in courts, debt management plans and therapy groups.

    I went back to higher education in 2013 which was a real lift. I was working twonpart time jibs until 2018 but am now a full time night shift worker.

    Life on my own is just becoming ‘real’, if thats the right word.

    I’ve been 110 mph for so long and now find myself with time to step back and appreciate how far I’ve come.

    I was saying the other day to a male friend from karaoke how Im at a stage now where I’d LOVE a man in my life. But I don’t WANT one or NEED one and I think thats part of my hurdle.

    I consider too much the hassle that the opposite sex can bring to the table.

    But…….I’m putting myself out there, SLOWLY…..and trying to develop a social circle that includes male friends which maybe a few years ago I wouldn’t have even bothered.

    So its all just steady treading for me.

    How about you???

    Where are you from??

    Your lucky that the babys dad is happy to take a back seat. Maybe that will change???

    🍀 Good Luck 🍀

    Enjoy your pregnancy 👶

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