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    The CMS have written off the debt that my husband owes due to the fact he has no “assets”. My question is this, has anyone tried to collect outstanding debt via solicitors instead and have they had any luck?

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    Hi TickedOffMum70, I’ve moved your post up so others see it. You may also like to give our helpline a call about this.  Helpline – Gingerbread. We also have a webchat on some days. Webchat – Gingerbread

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    I think it will be a very expensive exercise. if you already have CMS case open, solicitors or court may tell you that CMS take care of maintenance issues and that it rests with them.

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    CMS have written the debt of as they claim they are unable to collect it due to him being self employed and ex having no assets apparently but this wasn’t the only option for the CMS but they chose not to persue them. The ICE also weren’t interested once they knew the debt was written off.

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    Hey the cms are not above the law and use the courts to enforce payment so if they have said he has no way of paying and ne assets it would of been through the court that they came to that conclusion. So basically the cms would of had to get a court order to assess how/if he can pay and a solicitor will do the same.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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