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    Hi there, I’m a newbie here so not sure if advice on this has bee asked before, but I can’t decide what to do😣

    My son who is 12 wants to go and live with his dad and older brothers ( I left nearly 2 years ago) But everytime he stays there for weekends and hols there is always an issue. The ex gives him no discipline, let’s him go into school unkempt and let’s him hang around with the ‘wrong crowd’. When he does wrong (my son) I ground him, take his phone, Xbox etc and he has to ‘toe the line. He’s been really good lately, stopedhanging round with trouble makers, improved in school etc (this is since his last grounding 4 weeks ago), However I needed a break ( I have MH issues, partly due to the break up) so I’ve had a break. I left my son with his aunty (school days) & his dad weekend. Whilst I’ve been away my son has really played up with his aunty so she end him to his dad’s early. Every time there is an issue (school, out of school etc) I have to deal with it, I’m in school, talking to other parents, disciplining him etc, dad does nothing other than complain when ive grou ded him and not let him down to see him.

    After all the explanation my dilemma is, should I give in a for a trail period let him live with his dad? Should I show him that the grass isn’t greener and that I’m the o nly parent who does all the running round and trying to steer him on the right path?

    I’m at my wits end and it’s effecting my MH, I just want to do the right thing by him. He’s 12 and some say at his age he knows what he wants…but I’m struggling 😣

    Any advice appreciated x




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