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    Just wanted to send everyone some hope and wishing for better days ahead 🙌✨

    Everyone’s in different boats on this journey and today I feel could be tougher than most, please reach out and talk we are not just numbers.. Sending love to all ✨💜 and praise 🌈to all the keyworkers and people putting themselves out for others ✨

    Thinking of you!.

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    Yes an even harder day today for so many people, for so many different reasons and experiences.  I  feel like I am going through some sort of living hell but try to remember life will not always be like this and I can see my experience of life changes – for better or worse  – from minute to minute,  hour to hour and day to day.  Try to stay strong xxx

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    Hello everyone,

    a merry Christmas and to all of you at the start of your struggle into a new chapter in your life: And Jon2020, Whatever you feel today, it is only a blink of an eye in a very long life. Take it from a survivor.

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    Thanks for your words Jon 2020 I hope these times while give us strength, perspective, appreciation for a better future for all.

    Being round nature and finding balance.

    Sirtobi your warmth helps many, I’m so glad you are a survivor and helping as you do.



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    What a lovely yet poignant thread. I concur 100%.

    Pick up the phone. Send a WhatsApp. Send a text. Send an email.

    Say something. Anything. It doesn’t have to be an essay or beautiful sentiment.

    Any old, everyday language is fine.

    A simple…


    “How have you been?”

    “I’ve been thinking about you…”

    If they’re your friend, talk to them like one. Treat them like one. Not just when you need something or in their time of need when things go wrong.

    In everyday life.

    Nothing says “I don’t really care about you.” more than not saying anything at all.

    Sometimes all people really need is to know someone out there really does care about them.

    Myself included. Today I’m sinking like a stone.

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    Liane 245

    Merry Christmas All….

    I hope everyone has had a nice time.

    I’ve been practising my ‘BIG’ meat joints so this year has been a real food and drink year for me.

    Definitely looking forward to 2021.

    I have a solicitor now and my finances are really developing clarity around them. No more step change debt management and just some fine tuning in other places.

    My eldest turning 15 is awesome. I sent her vouchers and put my middle daughters name forward for a catholic secondary school which is kind of special.

    No joy on the dating side. I’m still a single pringle but am slowly developing new friendship groups which is important.

    We had such a giggke Christmas day playing charades and other games.

    Fingers crossed for the new year.

    Small steps big movements 💗💗👍💗


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    Effusive that is exactly right!

    I’m sorry your feeling the way you do, if you want to elaborate?Talking things out can help and more often than not stimulates something positive, if not in the beginning, it will come.

    Everything takes time as we can see by the predicament we are all in with this pandamic but we somehow know it will not last forever and focusing on what we would like for as a better future and for our children.

    This in turn in also relevant for one’s boat, my experience has brought around self reflection as to why these things have happened and how not to let them happen again and to save energy for those who we care and love and for ourselves as sometimes we get left behind.

    Also time for Gratitude🙌💜 appreciating every breath we take and steps forward.

    Liane you are living proof of that and I have every faith your new year will be bringing you more! keep doing what your doing! And I am really happy for you ✨🙌 it is so encouraging and I feel sure at the right time dating will not even be an issue, it will just happen.


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    Hi Effusive,

    Hope ur feeling better rather than worse today.

    You write so beautifully.

    Have a good day.

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