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    Hi all,

    I have a son who is 3 who is as happy as can be! Myself and his mother separated last year and more and more I feel this guilt about him being an only child, especially with split parents.
    All families I know have the standard 2 parents, 2 kids and I can’t help but think in the future it will affect him being an only child. He may eventually have step siblings on either side but not sure that’s the same!
    maybe I didn’t think enough about it when I made the decision to split. Like I say he is happy but this guilt is incredibly hard to shift!
    Any advice? Help? Stories?

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    Please don’t spend your time worrying about it! Everyone’s family is different and there’s not one way which is perfect, there’s advantages and disadvantages of all families. If you’re an only child you never have to share your parents attention. If you have siblings you have permanent company but there’s no guarantee that you’ll get on. Separated parents might have more individual attention for  their children and everyone gets a break from each other. Just find a way to make your situation work well and as long as your child is happy then it’s all good!

    I have three children from two different relationships and they all get along as brothers do, the one who has a different father doesn’t feel like he’s different to the other two.

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    Hi my Father was never involved in my life and I did just fine. I had family and made friends in school. Same for my son his father not been involved and doesnt want to he lives local but not my fault he made the decision my son will be just fine.

    You cant compare to other families how do you know the “conventional 2 parent and siblings” set up works. Who knows what goes on in every family.  I feel lonely at times but ive just got out of a horrible relationship so that was worse.

    As long as your son is happy then that tells you all you need to know. Kids are fab and adapt as long as there is no major issue or disharmony or bad atmosphere in their life it wont affect them as you worry


    Hope you are ok, feel free to chat anytime

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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